Slug Life Status Report: September 2018

I know. It’s November. Turns out life is pretty busy once the holiday is over!

But nonetheless, here it is - our monthly travel round up for September 2018!

Where we’ve been

We started September on the cute cobbled streets of San Cristobal de las Casas, before heading to Puerto Escondido for some sea and sun, and one of the absolute highlights of our trip, night swimming with bioluminescence in a lagoon. Our next stop was Oaxaca, where we explored the town, got caught up in a wedding parade and checked out an abandoned convent, as well as venturing out of town to see Monte Alban. Last but not least, was our final stop of the trip, Mexico City!

Travel distances

Flying: 15,289km (trip total: 50, 408km)
Train: 0km (trip total: 2,204km)
Driving: 1,340.9km (trip total: 23,073.4km)
Walking: 0km (95.6km)

Not bad for 9 months on the go!


  • Night swimming in a lagoon with bioluminescence in Puerto Escondido
    One of the few experiences of our lives that was truly indescribable! We couldn’t take any photos either, so you’ll just have to take our word for it - if you ever get the opportunity to do it, DO IT!

  • Getting caught up in competing wedding parades in Oaxaca
    While we were enjoying our lunch at a little cafe, we heard quite the cacophony outside. We headed outside to check it out, and discovered a wedding parade! The entire wedding was dancing down the street with huge marionettes of a bride and groom! As we followed them along their route, at the next intersection, they ran into another parade! It was such a fun and festive little interlude.

  • Checking out Diego Rivera’s murals in Mexico City
    Although I’m hardly an art buff, checking out Diego Rivera’s huge murals around Mexico City was breathtaking

  • Teotihuacan
    Our day spent exploring and climbing over ruins at the ancient Mesoamerican city was incredible! Aside from all the incredible fluffy friends we made, the views from the top of the huge pyramids were breathtaking.


  • All the long and windy bus rides
    Although the buses in Mexico were some of the best we’ve ever ridden, we spent a lot of time on them during our visit. Most of our bus rides were long affairs on windy roads, and no amount of comfortable seating and leg room was going to cancel out the discomfort of being cooped up for hours at a time! The worst was a 13 hour bus ride from San Cristobal to Puerto Escondido, complete with 45 minute stop for a Police drug search, which ended with us being locked out of our hostel…

  • Taking public transport and walking 30 minutes from the train station to go to the Frida Kahlo Museum, only to find it closed…

  • Flying home
    While we both had mixed feelings about heading home after such a great time being away, we were still excited to have some sort of return to normality, and were really looking forward to seeing our friends and family again. It was still a little sad though to be heading home on different flights. Add in some last minute luggage stress, and entering the departure lounge through different gates, and it was a recipe for disaster!

Best accommodation

  • Our hostel in Puerto Escondido
    A nice bright room with a private balcony, two hostel dogs, granola for breakfast and a five minute walk to the beach.

  • Our mini-apartment in Mexico City
    Our little apartment was in a complex with an indoor courtyard, and we had a kitchenette (yay cereal!), right on a metro line.

Worst accommodation

No duds this month! Yay for us!

Best meals

September was a good eating month!!

  • El Meson de Taco in San Cristobal de las Casas
    Incredible tacos in a bustling restaurant! The open kitchen meant that we got to watch the hard working chefs making the tacos and cooking the pork too.

  • El Brasiliero, San Cristobal de las Casas
    Delicious burgers, even though we did have to sit through the waitress’s life story while we ate them

  • Boulenc, Oaxaca
    One of the best breakfasts of our entire trip. A truly life changing English muffin

  • Boogie Cafe, Oaxaca
    Drinks and subs so good, we went back twice

  • Roadside gorditas in Mexico City

Worst meals

  • Lunch on the Zocalo in Oaxaca
    Average food, terrible service, high prices, and intrusive buskers

  • Our last dinner of the trip, at a terrible grill
    We walked 45 minutes in the rain to get there, got ignored for 20 minuted when we arrived, were served average food, given another table’s order, and then the wrong bill. Not a great way to end the trip!


Well, we did it! We made it through 9 months and travel and got back home with little to no black market organ selling. We even managed to replace Zev’s wedding ring! Of course now we’re both back at work, our bank accounts are looking much healthier, but we certainly don’t have as much time for adventures now that life is back in full swing.

Where to next?

We’re home, and after two months, life is more or less back to normal. The next big thing for us is buying a house, like real grown ups! We’ve been house hunting like mad since we landed, and while we’re still a little homeless, we’re making progress. Meanwhile Zev has been relief teaching at Green Bay High School, is about to start NZQA marking, and will restart his permanent position at the school next year. I have been lining up all sorts of work stuff for next year, and between work and looking for somewhere to live, we’ve barely had time to catch our breath! So while we’re of course a little sad that the adventure is over (for now), we;ve certainly got enough on our plates to keep us busy!

So that’s it folks! Our last blog post for our 2018 trip. Who knows when we’ll have more adventures to write about, but for now, we’re signing off. Thanks for joining us!

Lots of love,
S & Z