Slug Life Status Report: August 2018

Just when we thought it was time to head home, we managed to squeeze out another month!

Rather than heading home from the US as we had thought we would, we decided to carry on down to Mexico for one more month of adventure before it's home to adult responsibility.

Where we've been

We started the month in Chicago, catching up with Zev's Aunt and Uncle and seeing the areas where she grew up with Zev's Dad. From there, we made our way to Milwaukee for a quick catch up with some old friends, before carrying on to Madison to see whether it might be our home one day in the future. Our next port of call was Sandusky, Ohio, to check out Cedar Point, one of the best roller coaster amusement parks in the world! We then returned to New York to drop off the rental car and figure out where we were going to go. Once we decided Mexico was on the cards, we hopped on a bus to Philadelphia, then a plane to Dallas, and then another plane to Cancun. We overnighted in Cancun before heading to Tulum to explore some ruins and Cenotes, before heading on to Valladolid and Chichen Itza. Our next stop was Campeche, a walled port town with a history of pirate attacks! We headed from there to Palenque, to explore the jungle ruins, and waved goodbye to August in our current location, San Cristobal de las Casas.

Travel distances

  • Flying: 3,722km (trip total 35,119km)
  • Train: 0km (trip total 2,204km)
  • Driving: 1,395.5km (trip total 21,732.5km)
  • Walking: 0km (trip total 95.6km)


  • Cedar Point
    We've both wanted to go to Cedar Point for the longest time, and it was totally worth the wait! We had a great day riding some of the tallest, longest and fastest rollercoasters in the world! It wasn't until we were in the car on the way home that Zev told me he was scared of rollercoasters...
  • Swimming in a cenote in Tulum
    We'd read about the cenotes in Tulum, and they looked beautiful but SUPER busy. We couldn't believe our luck when our tour took us to a cenote and we were the only people there!
  • Merida
    We had an amazing time in beautiful little Merida. In addition to enjoying the laid back vibe and cute neighbourhoods, we had a great time playing a little frisbee with the locals!
  • Campeche
    Campeche was another stunning little town with an interesting history of piracy! Even though we only had a day to spend here, we loved wandering the car-free streets, checking out this colourful, historic town inside the walls.


  • Our three day trip from New York to Tulum
    To save a little (okay, a lot of) money on flights, we decided to fly from Philadelphia to Cancun. That meant that on the first day, we caught the bus from New York to Philadelphia, then on the second day, we flew from Philadelphia to Dallas, and Dallas to Cancun. Then we spent a night in Cancun before catching the bus to Tulum. Phew! Despite three days of travel hell, Tulum was well and truly worth the trip!
  • The beach at Tulum
    While the rest of our time in Tulum was awesome, the seaweed covered beach, and the difficulty in accessing it without paying to go through a hotel was a bit of a let down.
  • Zev's camera getting stolen on the bus to Palenque
    It could have been worse: they could have taken his whole bag. And no one got hurt. And it led to an interesting experience filing a police report. But it was still a pain in the ass.

Best accommodation

  • Our cute cabin in Sandusky, Ohio
    Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo of it, but we got a cute little cabin in a holiday park in Sandusky and we loved it!
  • Our shipping container in Tulum
    Again, sadly we didn't get any photos, but we stayed in a converted shipping container that was really neat!
  • Our guesthouse in Merida
    In addition to being a beautiful place to stay in a great location, they had to deal with some... 'difficulties' during our stay...

Worst accommodation

Again, we've had another month with no accommodation duds! The only place I'd even consider putting on the list would be the hostel we stayed at in Cancun. It was actually really nice, but two of the guys who were in our room put on SO MUCH DEODORANT that it immediately gave me a headache. First world problems huh?

Best meals

We've had a month of incredible meals, so here goes!

  • The Weiner's Circle, Chicago
    So famous, they even have their own WIkipedia page! Despite a slight mishap involving a tow truck, we had an incredible meal here, and I was even informed that apparently, it's sacrilegious to put ketchup on a hotdog in Chicago!
  • Grampa's Pizzeria, Madison
    Round two of brussel sprout pizza for this trip was an absolute winner!
  • Farm to Table, Tulum
    One of the most instagrammable meals I've ever eaten, and certainly the fanciest avocado on toast I've ever seen!
  • Burrito Amor, Tulum
    One of many incredible meals in Mexico! We ended up going here a few times during our stay in Tulum because the burritos were so damn good!
  • Mercado 60, Merida
    Zev thoroughly enjoyed his deep fried tacos, but the best thing about this place was the great atmosphere.
  • El Apapacho, Merida
    Incredibly delicious local Mexican food, with outstanding service. The waitress even decided our order for us, because we didn't know what we wanted! The mole was particularly good.
  • Gorditas Dona Gorda, Merida
    Little taco pockets filled with fried pork and crackling. What's not to love?!

Worst meals

  • Our hostel on our first night in Cancun
    We were exhausted from two days of travel, it was late, and we were excited to have our first Mexican meal. It was a massive disappointment. Breakfast was no better.
  • Lunch at the beach in Tulum
    We paid WAY too much for some pretty damn average snacks. But the setting was pretty great!


As the trip draws to a close, the money is certainly getting thinner on the ground! From what we can tell, we should have the perfect amount of money to get ourselves home, with maybe a little leftover to replace Zev's wedding ring! Travel in Mexico is certainly more affordable than being in the US, but it's still not as cheap as the good old days in India and Nepal! But the travel here is so EASY, it more than makes up for it.

Where to next?

We're currently in San Cristobal, and leave to go to the beach at Puerto Escondido. From there, we'll go to Oaxaca for a few days, and then on to Mexico City. We both have flights booked home on 17th September. Zev flies straight home via LA, and I fly to Vancouver for an overnight stay so that I can use staff travel to fly home. While it will be very sad to see the end of another trip, we're very much looking forward to seeing all our friends & family, getting an authentic pie, an L&P, a roast dinner, and a proper cup of tea. But most importantly, to some serious belly pats with Millau Furpants, the original slug!

Lots of love,
S & Z